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LED Flood Light -- Illuminating The Sports Amphitheatre For More Than A Decade in Louisville, KY buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

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 LED Flood Light --  Illuminating The Sports Amphitheatre For More Than A Decade 
An LED flood light has found its greatest use in sports amphitheater since the time it was first used at a sports club in the United Kingdom in the year 2014. Prior to this, it was spotlight which was mainly in use but due to its limitation of use only in smaller areas, it lost its utility to sports organizers, athletes, and players. Being a high intensity, broad-beamed light, an LED flood light has come to gain widespread attention because of its capacity to illuminate large enough areas. It’s also called as the ‘work light’ of today because of its use in ‘detail-oriented task’ applications.

The following are the merits of an LED flood light:

An LED flood light consumes very little power as compared to the regular metal-halide lights being used as spotlights in sports fields for several years;with a beam angle of more than 120 degrees and more, an LED flood light can be mounted in multiple ways, for e.g. yoke and knuckle mounting to be suitable to different kinds of applications that may need directional or display lighting;being an ultraviolet-free and infrared-free light, it is completely glare-free and strain-free, causing no inconvenience either to the spectators or the players;most LED floodlights available in the market are available in aluminum housing so as to dissipate heat effectively, while at the same time also being durable to any external damage;An IP65 driver inside the LED flood light enables its resistance towards moisture, dust and any other harsh weather conditions;A photocell sensor or a motion sensor ensures further savings in energy on the top of what it already provides i.e. 75%. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist